Rodeo Theatre

171 South 8th St.  Burwell NE 68823




 Ages 2-12........$6

Ages 13-up.....$7

(Sorry We don't take Debit or Credit  Cards)

We now have headphones for the seeing and hearing impaired and also open caption screens for the Deaf

The coming soon Movies may change depending on how they are doing in the box office, the popularity in our area, and what we hear people are wanting to see.


Come see one or all,stay cool, have a pop 

and popcorn, relax and enjoy a movie.


July 31 thru August 3

We will be closed so we can try to figure out what we can do to stay in business.  We need more than a handful of people attending each week just to pay for the movies let alone the utilities, freight , and other expences. We will be available for Birthday parties and we will probably have some popcorn Sundays. Hopefully when new movies start coming out and not being released directly to pay per view or one of the movie chanels